Important: Platform Rules & Conduct
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11-12-2018, 11:11 AM -
Disturbing the Network

A. Any attempt to intentionally disturb the network by crashing, locking up, or rendering the server unable is subject to permanent suspension of access.

A1. Botting / Server Stressing 
A2. Massive(100000+ blocks) WorldEdit’s
A3. Using an exploit.
A4. DDOSing the Network.

Chat Related

A. You may not discuss DOX, DOS or DDOS on any platform controlled by Minestar Network, including but not limited to our Website(, Forums(, In-game chat, Discord server(

B. Discussions influencing the act of Self-Harm or Suicide can result in a temporary suspension of access.

C. While swearing is allowed; excessively, or targeting against other users is strictly prohibited.

D. You may not harass others due to, but not limited to Ethnicity, Racism, Religion, Sexual, or Slurs. Violation of this rule will result in a talking permission revoked temporarily and can escalate into further sanction, if required.

E. Providing links to inappropriate websites similar to pornography, or screamers will result in a temporary talking privileges revoked or temporary access suspension
F. You may not advertise other servers, services, or competition to Minestar Network on any platform controlled by Minestar Network, including but not limited to our Website(, Forums(, In-game chat, Discord server(

G. You may not use full caps excessively as this can be considered generally as shouting.

H. You may not repeat phrases, flood chat, or add unnecessary characters which hinders the ability of players to read chat.

I. You may not scam other users either item based, In-game money, or promising to provide donation at a cheaper price for real life money. If you are interested in getting donation items, please only use our official donation methods, which in this case is Buycraft (

J. You must respect all Staff and players. Staff members are working voluntary and work to enforce rules and ensure server stability.

K. If you have located a hacker, please do not type into public chat that the player is hacking. Revealing the hacker may result in hinder the ability to gather evidence. Please contact Staff by using (/a) and reporting them to our Player Report board. (

L. You may not lie to Staff members if you have been asked a question. If you are discovered breaking this rule intentionally, you will be punished at the staff's discretion.

M. If you are communicating with Staff on voice chat, do not use any voice changer. We want to hear you beautiful voice.

N. The tagging system is usually used internally, but if it is important you are allowed to ping the roles to get attention. If you don't believe the message should been seen by staff, refrain from pinging the whole server or the role.

O. Keep your username, profile pictures, and game field clean.
Server Related

A. All builds must be appropriate for a rating of PG-13, any offending builds will be removed at the owner’s expense.

B. You may not modify property without consent of the property owner. 

C. You may not troll; while some trolling is harmless, there is no way of specifically marking what the difference being excessive and acceptable. 

D. You may not use exploits which disconnects other users unexpectedly or requires intervention of Minestar Network Staff. 

E. You may not use any modifications which improves your gameplay and hinders other players from experiencing legitimate gameplay.

G. You may not suppress the ability for Staff to work on tasks.

H. You may not imposter or impose as a Staff Member by changing your nickname, taking old names of staff, by modifying your forum account, or on any platform controlled by Minestar Network with the ability to accept end-user changes.

I. You may not intentionally create false reports, this wastes the time and resources of Staff, violation of this rule will result in temporary suspension from accessing Minestar Network.

J. You may not access any unauthorized content, including but not limited to, server logs, console, Staff forums, or backend access.

K. You may not ask for permissions, perks, ranks or items. Violation of this rule will result in talking permission revoked temporarily

L. All actions made on your account is to be your responsibility unless you have valid proof of an account compromise.

M. You may not use an inappropriate account name, examples of this can include but not limited to, pornography, or derogatory remarks.  

N. You are allowed only 2 additional Minecraft Accounts, if you have been punished on your main account your punishment may migrate onto your extra account. You must provide sufficient  evidence and distinction if you have a family member unrelated to the main account.

These are the current rules for the Minestar Network platform. These rules are subject to change at any time without notice. Additional punishment reasons not listed above, may have been at the discretion of an higher-up. If you believe you were false punished or wish to appeal, please submit a thread to the Appeal a Punishment boards ( Your in-game punishments are kept at (
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